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Auxilia Consultants

We are the Supply Chain and Business Management Consultancy firm of choice among leading companies across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.


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our vision


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the Supply Chain and Business Management Consultancy firm of choice for the food industry.

our mission


Our Mission

Our Mission is to leave every business in a better place than when we first arrived, having imparted a lasting sense of satisfaction with our support.  

our values


Our Values

Together with our customer's teams engagement:

  • We will provide top-quality support at a more competitive price.

  • We will share  our experiences and deliver our  services  in a no-nonsense, understandable & supportive manner. 


We will not take on a project unless we believe we are the right people for the job. 

Our success will be measured by our customer satisfaction not our profitability. 

Professionalism, honesty and integrity in the delivery of our support is a given.