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Supply Chain



End to End Supply Chain Audit

Achieve Real Service Level Improvement

We will spend time in your business reviewing your end to end supply chain process

This service looks at all aspects of the supply chain including systems, processes, resource allocation, skills, operational effectiveness, inventory policies & KPI’s.

Our output identifies areas for improvement for the client where we can work with your team to implement accepted and agreed process enhancements that will enhance your business performance and your bottom line. High Service Level performance will distinguish you from your competitors!



Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Techniques

This is a key aspect of any business and doing it well yields dividends for working capital, physical inventory and service levels. Auxilia Consultants will review your processes, identify any weaknesses and recommend improvements in conjunction with your team. We can also assist with the implementation and embedding of changes which will deliver a lasting impact on your bottom line.



S&OP Design and Support

Planning in any business is supposed to be a collaborative process but competing functional goals normally ensure that the process is paid token attention. Following the Demand Forecasting process, the manner in which Demand information is deployed in your business to bring your products to customers can differentiate you from your competitors

Auxilia Consultants can help you embed a Sales and Operational Planning Process in your business that best fits your needs to enable efficient& profitable execution.



Inventory Optimisation

Demand Forecasting & S&OP alone will not ensure that your business has optimum Inventory levels. We can carry out a thorough review of stocking levels, by SKU together with replenishment policies encompassing raw materials and packaging to assess how appropriately aligned with demand this element of your business is. Left to their own devices staff take different views on safety stock requirements. Inventory Policies based on fact work best and we can assist in identifying these optimum levels for your business encompassing the knowledge and expertise of your team. 



Supply Chain candidate selection & Interview support

Need help in selecting a supply chain candidate for your business? We can help you scope the role, source a candidate or simply assist you in the interview process.




Benchmarking, Tender Preparation and Outsourcing Support

Many businesses owners will wonder is there a better or a more cost effective way to do what they do but never actually get round to answering the question because they are too busy. 

As part of this service we will examine your supply chain cost base and give you a benchmark view using our experience.

Sometimes this exercise can lead to a decision to outsource elements of your supply chain to a more competitive and trusted partner.

 We can assist your team in the preparation of tenders, the selection of suitable participants, and ultimately help you realise savings and safely transition your business to a new hybrid or totally outsourced model.


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